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Slide Puzzle Application Update

The slide puzzle application is nearly complete, but progress has been slow due to various other projects and responsibilities that hit along with summer this year. I need to add a few more features for capturing and saving images to use as the puzzle image, but I will start writing up the basics soon. For […]

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Next Tutorial In Progress

The next tutorial project is in progress, and will cover a tile puzzle application. An OpenGL ES template will be used to form the primary screen of the puzzle, and new tile and manager classes will be used to make the tile puzzle work. On top of that, we’ll add navigation and a main menu, […]

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Revisions and Site Additions

I’m very pleased to announce that now has forums and a shop. If you have comments, questions, or just feel like starting a conversation about something, drop by the Endodigital Discussions forums and say hello. The new Endodigital Shop is now online as well, offering very reasonably priced PDF versions of the Endodigital tutorials. […]

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Complete TouchTargets Tutorial Published

The complete TouchTargets tutorial has now been published, with the new content starting with Chapter 11: Aim… The new chapters cover the creation and implementation of the new target and target manager classes, how to handle scoring, and creating and implementing an animated background. The final chapter, Chapter 15: Finishing Touches, walks through a complete […]

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Second Set of TouchTargets Code Published

All of the code needed to scan in, draw, and manage text strings from font sheets is in and has been published. Chapter 4: Say “Hello, World!”, OpenGL starts us off with a walkthrough of what we want to accomplish with the new font scanner, and how it will work conceptually. Chapter 5: Building the […]

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TouchTargets Chapters Published

The first part of the TouchTargets application tutorial has been published in three parts. Chapter 1: Rounding Up OpenGL identifies all of the code we’re trying to remove from the view controller and encapsulate in its own class. Chapter 2: Pulling Out OpenGL goes over the creation of a new EDOpenGLProgram class that implements the […]

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TouchTargets Application

I’ve been having a lot of fun with OpenGL ES 2.0 on the iPhone, and I’ve really come to appreciate some of the features in Xcode 4 that makes developing software on OS X and iOS a real pleasure. Lately, I’ve been playing around with separating the OpenGL ES functionality from the view controller, and […]

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Cube maps and velocity

The latest article, Adding a Cube Map and Velocity, has been published. This article adds the animation loop back in and implements velocity, so you can ‘flick’ the cube and watch it spin until it slowly comes to a stop. We also throw in five cube maps and cycle through them by double-tapping on the […]

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Multiple textures on the cube

A reader asked about applying multiple textures on the cube, so I’ve created a new sample project and article to show one way it can be done. Researching alternatives also turned up some neat stuff we can try with cube mapping, which I’m working with right now for my next sample project and article. I’m […]

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All chapters published

All seventeen chapters of the OpenGL ES 2.0 on the iPhone tutorial have been published. This series will take you from the vanilla code template generated by Xcode 4 all the way to the final project featuring a textured, interactive cube that rotates and zooms. The various matrices and shader operations are also explained in […]

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