Next Tutorial In Progress

The next tutorial project is in progress, and will cover a tile puzzle application. An OpenGL ES template will be used to form the primary screen of the puzzle, and new tile and manager classes will be used to make the tile puzzle work. On top of that, we’ll add navigation and a main menu, complete with the ability to choose from a set of included puzzle images, a picture from your photo library, or a picture from your built in camera, if available.

Most of the code for managing the menu system and the slider puzzle graphics are in place, but I still need to complete the code to manage the movement of the pieces and to detect when the puzzle has been solved.

There are also a few tricky bits, especially regarding the image picker and converting the collected images to OpenGL textures. I want to make sure I understand the code and can document everything properly before before I publish anything.

Look for some new material in the next week or so!

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